Customer Relationship Manager, Kenneth Rizzo.

Customer Relationship Manager, Kenneth Rizzo.

Mann Made Malta is excited to announce a new Customer Relationship Manager – Kenneth Rizzo.

Kenneth is a business management professional with several years of experience within various industries.

He started his career while still at University and in 2000 pioneered the concept of automotive TV shows in Malta by creating the motoring show called “Wheelspin” that still runs to this date, and for which he still enjoys setting occasional test drives, reviews, articles, and attending automotive fairs worldwide.

In 2008, Kenneth’s love for the automotive industry lured him to join Alfa Romeo and he managed all facets of the brand in Malta. In 2012, also the Jeep brand was entrusted in his hands after it had been acquired internationally by the Fiat Group thus forming Fiat Chrysler Automobili (FCA). A highlight of this experience was achieving the business development accolade of the highest sales-per-capita worldwide for the Alfa Giulietta in 2012. In 2015, he then also worked briefly for Mercedes and Renault within their after-sales operations areas.

Through 2016 he freelanced management consulting and project management services with a focus towards the yachting industry, another soft-spot industry for him that to date he had lived within throughout his boating enthusiast life. Clients spanned both from the private sector and the parastatal one in the form of Yachting Malta – having assisted it in organising the first ever Yachting Malta National Awards in 2017.

Kenneth has a company-holistic approach towards business, a practical hands-on style and a team-building leadership and motivational can-do methodical attitude that is deadline-oriented and initiative-dependant. He can relate across all tiers of a company in all directions as well as deal with any stakeholders, high-budget levels, and high-value brands of products and services. He is also experienced with the interactions of a company within a group-of-companies’ framework and can demonstrate expeditious adaptation to new/multiple industries via both experience and academic background from his MBA training; by understanding the interactions amongst the business units within a company and how the company interacts with its operative industry external environment as well as the dynamics between all the stakeholders involved. Kenneth embraces change-management requirements and spearheads business development and necessary business transformations in both short and long run scenarios.

He holds a:

  • Masters of Business Administration from Henley Business School – University of Reading – UK (2011)
  • Bachelor of Commerce with Honours degree in Management from University of Malta (2001)
  • Bachelor of Commerce degree in Banking and Finance from University of Malta (2000)