High Performance Car Financing

Mann Made prides itself on providing its clients with the combined employee experience and capabilities usually associated with a larger firm with the more bespoke service usually associated with a smaller business. We have a wealth of VAT, tax and accounting specialists and advisors/experts who are always keen to find solutions to more complex client requirements.

As a gesture of goodwill, Mann Made Corporate Services (UK) Limited agreed to assist with the financing on the purchase of 2 brand-new Maseratis for two of our largest clients. The cars were to be collected by the clients direct from the factory in Italy, as part of a trip they were planning.

In this instance, we advised our client that the best possible solution would be for Mann Made to purchase the cars directly, with assistance from a leasing firm in order to secure the vehicles, and rebill the ongoing charges to the client.
The car dealership negated to inform us of the collection date, and indeed only contacted us 2 days before the cars were due to be collected from the factory in Italy, by the clients.

Unfortunately, the financing company required at least 2 weeks’ notice before they were able to release the funds. As a result, in order to avoid disappointing our clients, Mann Made purchased the cars outright (at a significant cost), and arrange for the cars to be insured and taxed same-day.
This required a complex review from our tax department and a large amount of administrative work in order to meet such a tight deadline, which required overtime from a number of Mann Made staff, including 2 members working remotely whilst on holiday.

We take Compliance and Due Diligence very seriously at Mann Made. Thus, whilst our London office were negotiating the best deal from a number of insurance companies, we arranged for 2 employees of the leasing company to fly to the Isle of Man and London to meet with the directors of Mann Made Group in order to satisfy their compliance requirements, and prevent any unnecessary delays usually associated with compliance.

The cars were collected on time, and the leasing company subsequently repaid Mann Made 3 weeks later. This is a perfect example of the excellent service Mann Made UK endeavour to provide to our clients; willing to go the extra mile and accommodate more complex funding cases, which would not be possible at a larger firm with more processes and procedures.